schmucksymposium haxthäuser hof 2023



 this year`s theme: eloquent hands




Rather than aiming to highlight the individuality of the wearer I search for expressions that

instead, might connect the individual with the universal. In that search I have always been

inspired by words or phrases. Which I have interpreted in my own visual language. With

other words, my jewellery objects are expressions derived from ideas that initially existed as

words. My handmade objects are all extensions from words and bring forth the topic of

eloquence. Along with my artistic practice I have also written articles and essays. In my

Haxthäuser lecture I will talk about how I have developed the interconnectedness between

words and visual expression.




reinhold ziegler

52. Schmucksymposium Haxthäuser Hof (former Zimmerhof) - May 18th to 21st 2023

Venue: Haxthäuser Hof 2, 55218 Ingelheim am Rhein