schmucksymposium haxthäuser hof 2023



 this year`s theme: eloquent hands




participation fee:


professionals: all days
€ 320.-


single day
€ 110.-


students: all days
€ 210.-


single day
€   85.-


food, coffee, tea included





in your own tent, car, mobile home etc.:  5 €/person/night for camping, shower and breakfast.


NEW: rent a tent - up to 3 persons for 40 € for 3 nights. (first come - first serve!!)


terms & conditions


before you register,

take note of following:


Registration and reservation

Due to the size of the haxthäuserhof, the number of participants is limited to 80 persons.

Your booking is valid when your payment has been received in full by our administration. Only then does your booking become a reservation. Your place will be reserved for you in the order in which the participation fee is received by bank transfer in advance (no cash at the entrance) first come, first serve.



In case of cancellation by you:

• after the online reservation of your place, an administrative fee of 50 € will be retained,

• between 8 weeks and 4 weeks before the beginning of the symposium, 25 % of the fee will be retained,

• within 4 weeks to 1 week before the beginning of the symposium, 50 % of the fee will be retained.

• within 1 week before the beginning of the HHHo-symposium, a refund is not possible.


Cancellation of your registration by the organisation can take place:

• if the maximum number of participants has been reached,

• if the symposium cannot be offered because of force majeure.

in these cases a full refund of the participation fee will be made.


Force Majeure

Besides the above mentioned, a refund of your participation fee will be made at any time:

• in cases of force majeure for the participant (illness, accident, death in family), cancellation should be notified immediately, with written proof of the reasons for cancellation,

• in cases the sympsoium cannot take place.

Other reasons (dissatisfaction, programme changes, etc.) do not entitle to any refund.

Security Measures, Insurance and Disclaimer

Entrance to the symposium premises is restricted to participants and members of staff. The organisation is not liable for accidents, theft or any kind of damage which take place during the symposium. The participant is advised to provide personal health, travel and liability insurance.  The symposium is not responsible for traveling or accommodation costs paid by the participant. Please take care of your own travel insurance.


By sending the registration form you agree with the above.

good to know


Wi-Fi & open payments:


At the out-back of the Haxthäuser Hof there is no Wi-Fi and a very poor internet connection via roaming. Therefore, it’s not possible to pay anything by card.

If you still need to pay for the tent please bring cash. As well as for the drinks at the bar or book sales.




We are happy if you bring your children with you.

Please make sure that they do not disturb the lectures and other events. During the symposium parents are responsible for their children and liable for any damage that may occur.


Drinking water & shower:


As the tap water on location is from a well and not safe for consumption, we will provide drinking water in tanks. Please bring your own refillable water bottle!!

To cover the high cost of the ablutions trailer, we ask that everyone staying at Haxthäuser Hof - both those sleeping in their own tent/camper/car and those renting a tent - contributes 5€/person/night.

Thank you for your understanding.


 "Schmucktisch" (Jewellery Table):


On Friday evening we will organise the famous ‘Schmucktisch’.

This is an open invitation for all participants to bring some of your jewellery to put on the table: for everyone to look, touch, try on and discuss.


The weather:


Further we would like to inform you that it can be a bit cool in the barn compared to the (hopefully) warm summer weather outside and consider that it is a mostly open-air event. So bring some warm clothes as well. Also a rain-coat might come in handy.


Getting there:


For travelling by car:

Please make sure to insert Haxthäuser Hof Ingelheim into your navigation system. (There is another Haxthäuser Hof in Nierstein not so far away)

From the main road on, we will set up signs on each crossing to make finding the way more easy.

For travellers by train/bus:

Here is the schedule for the bus ride from Mainz main station to Wackernheim - get off at the stop:

Wackernheim / Grosse Hohl and enjoy the 15 min walk through the fields.




52. Schmucksymposium Haxthäuser Hof (former Zimmerhof) - May 18th to 21st 2023

Venue: Haxthäuser Hof 2, 55218 Ingelheim am Rhein